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Stellar Ghana is proud to announce it has renewed its TRACE certification

Friday 15 November 2013

TRACE certification highlights Stellar Ghana’s commitment to transparent business practices and makes us a better business partner for multinational corporations. TRACE certifications entails online anti-bribery training and enrolls Stellar Ghana on the list of intermediaries who have met the TRACE standard of review for transparency in international commercial transactions.

As part of its certification, Stellar Ghana is required to complete a mandatory anti-bribery training course, adopt an anti-bribery code of conduct, and update their due diligence information annually. 

TRACE International, and American organization, was founded in 2001 by in-house anti-bribery compliance experts to achieve economies of scale and set a common standard for two shared elements of anti-bribery compliance programs: due diligence reviews of commercial intermediaries and anti-bribery training for the global supply chain. 

For more information about TRACE certifications please visit: